About M-Art

 Since 2003, M-Art has been searching the globe for unique and unusual treasures to grace your home and wardrobe. While in China opening an Olympics office for the United States Basketball Academy, Rex and Marty began shipping special items home to friends who spread the word to other customers. M-Art organized to direct 10% of the profits to the White Oaks Foundation (501C-3) that funds children's education around the world. Today, importing Asian antiques and creating custom pearl and gemstone jewelry, M-Art handpicks the best pieces from their travels for the Fairhope and Mobile, Alabama showrooms and offers them through the website to you.  

How We Began Collecting Asian Antiques

Soon after starting our work in Beijing, we were invited to be the first westerners to live in the Chinese National Athletic Complex, “Tian Tan Gong Yu.”  Though we were thrilled at the prospect, this meant that we were faced with the daunting task of furnishing both the office and the apartment by shopping in a land new to us without benefit of yet knowing the language or have any friends who spoke English.

Our Chinese associates were terrific about leading us to the finest sources for the best available antiques and teaching us what to look out for with the fakes.  Traveling to outlaying villages and searching for treasures turned out to be the perfect panacea for the cold and loneliness of that first winter. Over time we learned some Mandarin, made great friends, and our apartment became filled with so many wonderful antiques that our Chinese friends laughed at for ‘looking like The Forbidden City.’  Our home became a delightful refuge from the chaos that was Beijing under construction, as it reinvented itself for the coming Olympics.