Garden & Sculpture

Some of the most breathtaking landscape designs in the world are found in ancient Chinese gardens.  Marty and Rex Leatherbury have selected many of the key decorative elements of traditional Asian garden design to make them available for your private spaces.  Both antique and contemporary statues, gates, lanterns, tiles, screens, and carved symbols can be found in their collection for use in your yard or indoor atrium or design focus area.

Discovering Chinese Tile & Sculpture - from Marty's Journal

It was the summer before the 2008 Olympics.   Rex and I had traveled out to one of our favorite small villages southeast of Beijing, one of our favorite hunting grounds for old stone pieces.   While I fed my insatiable hunger for antique glazed pots, Rex fed his hunger at one of his favorite little Jiaozi places on the corner.   Jiaozi are delicious little mouth-watering dumplings that come with all manner of fillings and dipping sauces.

Rex had ventured ahead and come back urging me to hurry up and see what he had discovered.   The find is half the fun!   There lay stacks of 2 feet square jade green slate tiles.   They had been roofing tiles that were salvage from the oldest neighborhoods, or 'Hutongs,' that were being removed to make way for the Olympics facilities.   We bought all they had and sent our friend, Feng, searching for more!

Now we can offer you these hand-hewn 200-year-old, volcanic slate roofing tiles through our stores.   The beautiful materials and sculptures from old buildings lend the most authentic 'old world' feel to interior floors and display areas as well as to outdoor terraces and gardens.