Our Handmade Silk Scarves

Silk scarves offer the wearer a delightful experience, and the fine material used in M-Art designs heightens your luxury.  Made in Mumbai of the finest Indian silk, the scarves are hand-blocked with hand-rolled edging in rich colors and designs.  The sizes measure either 45” square or 12” by 75” long. The patterns in these handmade silk scarves often reflect the flowing, intricate shapes of flowers and other forms from nature, as well as the classic paisley.  They make versatile additions to your wardrobe as well as excellent gifts sure to please.

A specialty line of contemporary silk scarves is designed by New Orleans artist, Ray Cole, in sheer silks with gold silicone scrollwork. Ray Cole's fabrics are like canvases. His scarf designs are fluid with three-dimensional applications. His talented use of dyes, latex scrolls, and original design yields sumptuous, prismatic effects.


The extraordinary beauty and skill of Chinese painting are legendary. Marty and Rex Leatherbury collected exceptional examples of antique painting as well as charming contemporary works while they were living in China. Very large, rare "ancestor paintings" and other antique images are available as well as lovely contemporary botanical scroll paintings and oil paintings. These fine works enhance any decor.

Symbols in Chinese Art

Many traditional Chinese images are symbols of ideas that can be combined to form stories in paintings, carvings, and embroidery. For example, an elephant symbolizes a sign or portent; a cup symbolizes peacefulness. An elephant with a cup or vase on its back becomes an omen of peace. Other popular symbols include: Apricot - woman; Bamboo - durability; Bat - joy; Bell - respect for superiors; Butterfly - love; Chrysanthemum - easy living; Cicada - resurrection; Coin -prosperity; Conch shell - happy voyage/ royalty; Crackles (in glaze) - peace; Crane - longevity; Curved Lines - shapes that dispel evil; Deer - immortality; Dragon - power/ transformation/ high status; Fire - renewal of imperial power; Fish - fertility; Frog - good fortune; Knot - long life; Lotus - purity; Mountain, Rock - the Earth; Pearl - female beauty; Pi (disc with hole in center) - natural power; Sun, Moon, Stars - light/ wisdom; Umbrella - protection; Wheel - cycle of life; Yin-Yang - balancing energies of natural order.

Asian Silks & Art